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Homeopathy is a science that has been used to cure people for centuries. A huge number of the Indian population relies on homeopathic treatment for medical compilations. People have witnessed amazing results from homeopathy treatments.

It was conceived in 1796 by the German physician Sammuel Hahnemann (The father of Homoepathy) . The word Homeopathy is derived from two Greek words homeo means similar, and pathos means suffering, this means in Homeopathy natural disease are treated with substance that produce effects similar to the suffering.

Homeopathy achieved its greatest popularity in the 19th Century. Homeopathy is a distinct medical speciality being practiced across the world, it is a recognised medical system in INDIA through HOMEOPATHY Center council Act 1973

What Makes Homeopathy So Popular


There is no side effects

This is one of the major benefits of homeopathic medications, Homeopathy uses natural substances to cure diseases. It is considered to be a safer form of treatment


People of all ages

The medicines are given in small doses so the healing is gradual, so it can be use by people of all ages including childrens.

Every patient gets a unique treatment at homeo clinics

The best homeopathic physician always considers all aspects of an individual before treating them. The patient’s overall health right from his birth is evaluated before prescribing a treatment. That means, your overall body and health is being considered and treated. So, your spiritual, mental and emotional symptoms are also treated along with physical symptoms.


Surgical free

The homeopathic treatment also provide with full proof and permanent relief from the symptoms as it deals directly with the root cause of the disease. Many people fear surgical techniques and remedies and hence they prefer homeopathic medicines because Homeopathy is NON-Invasive.


Affordable and Effective

Homeopathic medicines are affordable to common people, and very effectively cure cancer in the early stages.


Improves immunity

homeopathic medicines to improve immunity during viral epidemics. Ex: winter infections, bacterial infections etc..


Treats chronic disease

Homeopathy can be extremely effective in treating chronic and long-term health problems like allergy, sinusitis, kidney stones, gall bladder stone, arthritis, piles, varicose veins, psoriasis, thyroid, PCOD, acne, gastric problems and many, also used to treat anxiety, depression and other psychological problems.


Long term result

Homeopathic medical therapy play a beneficial role in the long term care of patients with chronic diseases.

Myth & Fact : 

There may be some restrictions like to avoid coffee , tea, smoking , drinking, some foods based on the disease suffering by a Patient and encourage patients to adopt healthy habits and improve healthy lifestyle.

Homeopathic Medicine
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